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Gold Canary

Grisette | 3.5%

355 mL CAN


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A release for holiday entertaining!

This week our brew crew is releasing Gold Canary, a grisette beer.  What is a grisette?  It’s a lighter style of beer that’s crisp and refreshing.  At 3.5% alc./vol.  it’s a perfect beer to serve guests who don’t want a heavier drink!

The origins of grisette are a bit vague but it’s believed to originate in Belgian in the late 1800’s.  It was the saison/farmhouse ale equivalent for coal miners – on the lighter side and meant to quench thirst so they could go back to the coal mines and work safely.

Grisette literally means “little grey” in French and thought to have had reference to the colour of the clothes of the coal miners as they emerged from the mines at the end of a hard day’s work.

Gold Canary is a nod to what miners used to ensure their safety.  They would send a canary in a cage down the mine shaft before going down themselves.  If the canary stopped singing and came back up deceased, the miners knew there were poisonous gasses present that could be fatal to them as well.  Hence the term “canary in a coal mine”

Our grisette is a light and easy drinking farmhouse ale, with flavours of citrus, berries and clove from the specialty yeast strain.

Whether you’ve had a hard day working (or holiday shopping) or are doing some entertaining, enjoy a COLD Gold Canary to celebrate a job well done!