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Horse vs. Greyhound

IPA | 6.5%

355 mL CAN


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Horse vs Greyhound IPA is part of our duel hop series. This duel is a good old-fashioned four-legged foot race. The Sport of Kings to Man’s Best Friend. Horse racing has been established for a long time much like Simcoe, one of the original juicy hops. It has big stone fruit and citrus tones. Strata is a relatively new hop out of the hop breeding program, much like Greyhound racing that has only been around for the last century. With tropical fruits, citrus and a little dankness, and a light hop burn on the finish, it’s a promising hop with something to prove. Who would you bet on to come through in this IPA hop battle? In any case, you will WIN, when you open this IPA at your PLACE and SHOW your friends what great taste you have!