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Lion vs Rhino

IPA | 7.5%

355 mL CAN


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Did you ever wonder who would win a battle between the king of the jungle and this ancient, armour-skinned horned beast?? On one hand you have a ferocious big cat who has stealth, smarts and speed and on the other side you have an enormous animal with a piercing horn and has skin that is two inches thick!

This is our third installment of our Dual Hop Series, featuring two NEW hops out of South Africa. The Southern Passion varietal whose origins are from European noble hops has an intense candied mango and passionfruit flavour, and Southern Star, which was developed entirely in South Africa for their growing climate and is packed with pineapple and berries tones. You decide who is the Lion and who is the Rhino!

Did you know that while rhinos are generally solitary animals, when they do gather, it is called a crash – which is also a term we use in brewing! Crashing a beer involves dropping the temperature after fermentation and before packaging. Cheers!