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Pegasus vs Manticore

Hazy IPA | 6.5%

355 mL CAN


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Introducing our latest hop duel featuring Alora and Chinook hops!

Alora, a new variety, brings a sweet yet tart citrusy profile thanks to its high Selinene content, reminiscent of Yuzu. Chinook, a classic favourite, adds a burst of pineapple. This hazy IPA balances tropical fruit tones with a bright citrusy taste.

The name is inspired by a song from a local band, Run with the Kittens: “How Hardcore is your Manticore, How Swift is your Pegasus.” This mythological matchup between good and evil features the winged horse Pegasus and the man-beast Manticore. Pegasus was used by Bellerophon in battle, while the Manticore is known for its venomous quills and fierce nature. No “good” or “evil” hops here, just two different styles that get along really, really well!

Come and taste the myth!