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Unexplored Lands

Experimental Pale Ale XPA (HBC 1019) | 5%

355 mL CAN


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Every now and then our brewing team gets their hands on a small batch of a new hop variety that is being tested for a possible wider distribution – sometimes they’re not quite there, but in this case, this one hits a home run.

We call this Unexplored Lands as we are truly going into new territory with the end resulting beer. While we make a test batch of it (about 50 litres), one never knows what happens when you scale up to a significantly larger batch. Exploring the new flavours of experimental hop HBC1019 (yes, they don’t even give it a name yet, as they don’t know if it’ll make it past this stage), with flavours that will remind you of fuzzy peaches and tropical fruits. Enjoy this journey into the unknown with Unexplored Lands!