Come join us for a delicious meal on our spacious outdoor patio, beer garden or inside our historical recreated  Musical Barn.  We do not take reservations and are self-serve.  Seating is on a first come first served basis.   Enjoy our exceptional farm to glass experience and summer menu in a picturesque setting.  Our friendly team will help you pair our delicious food with one of 14 styles of farm fresh craft beer.  Just remember no glassware or flights are permitted off our patio.  We would be happy to pour your beer in a plastic cup.   


Chips and Salsa    7  (V*)
Seasoned tortilla chips served with a side of freshly made pico de galo.

Pretzel Bites    12  (V*)
Warm soft pretzel bites tossed in Quayle’s stout salt served with a side of stout dijon mustard.

Classic French Fries    7  (V*)
Fresh cut fries lightly salted.

Cajun Fries    12  (V* option)
Fresh cut fries tossed in Cajun seasoning topped with house made Bayou sauce, fresh chive and lime.

Taco Fries    15 (add pulled pork 3)  (V)
Fresh cut fries tossed in house made taco seasoning topped with cotija crumble, pickled jalapeno, chipotle crema, fresh cilantro and lime.

Quayle’s Corn Salad    6 (V* option)
Roasted Ontario corn with fresh lime and cilantro topped with cotija crumble, chipotle crema, tortilla crisps and tajin.

Smash Burger    17   (GF option – no bun)
¼ lb of Canadian ground beef smashed on the griddle topped with cheddar cheese, dill pickle, shredded iceberg lettuce, red onions strands, house made smash sauce on a potato roll with fresh cut fries.

Fish Tacos    13
Crispy cod on toasted Mission corn tortillas topped with red cabbage tossed in vinaigrette, cotija crumble, ancho chile crema, fresh cilantro and lime.

Pork Carnitas    13
Slow roasted and pulled pork shoulder in house made rub on toasted Mission corn tortillas topped with pickled jalapeno, diced onion, chipotle crema, fresh cilantro and lime.

Kale Caesar    11  (V* option)
Shredded kale tossed in house made avocado caesar dressing topped with cotija crumble, tortilla crisps, pickled red onion and fresh radish.

G – Gluten Free
V – Vegetarian
V* – Vegan