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Brian’s Choice

Summer Ale | 4.7%

355 mL CAN


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Every year on June 23rd we honour a great father, friend and founder of Quayle’s by releasing a beer named after him. Every year it is a different style, but only one that he would drink. For those of you who remember Brian you will remember his many passions, including making Quayle’s a gathering place that celebrates local history and brews world class craft beer.

This year’s release of Brian’s Choice = 23 is a flavourful English ale with a bright character. Light citrus and herbal flavours from a blend of farm grown Willamette, Cascade and Centennial make for a balanced and highly drinkable pint. Brian would be proud to know what great beers we are making with the hops he helped plant back in 2016 and 2017. In fact, he’d probably have a few of these after a hard day’s work on the farm!!

Each year, we donate $1 from each pint sold and 25 cents of each can of Brian’s Choice at Quayle’s to a charity focused on preventative health care. This year we have chosen Soldier’s Memorial Hospital as our charity of choice. Cheers to making it happen!  🍺⚾