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Burn Pile

Rauchbier | 5.4%

355 mL CAN


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Burn Pile is a rauchbier, which is German for smoked beers. The origins of this style of beer date back to when grains were dried over open fires, long before drying kilns and indirect heat was used. The need to dry and roast (malt) the grain is to begin the conversion process of starch to sugars, stop the germination process, remove moisture and to impart flavour.

Our Burn Pile is a smoked lager that uses cherrywood and beechwood malts representing just a few of the dozens of varieties of trees that grow on our Oro-Medonte property. The resulting flavour is a dry and refreshing beer with a light smoky flavour. One might relate this to a nice smoke cured meat (think bacon or ham) with respect to the smoky tones.