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Gravitational Lens

Bourban Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout | 10%

500 mL Bottle


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Gravitational Lens was our inaugural venture into barrel-aging, beginning three years ago, and has since become an eagerly anticipated annual favourite!

The concept of a gravitational lens, introduced by Albert Einstein in 1915, illustrates how the immense gravitational force exerted by celestial bodies can bend light, resulting in a captivating halo or lensing effect.

This Imperial Stout is strong and flavourful, aged in bourbon barrels to bring out flavours of oak and vanilla. Packed with decadent chocolate and coffee flavours, the unmistakable bourbon aroma infuses this incredible brew! This complex combination of flavours and aromas creates a rich and indulgent experience meant to be savoured. Enjoy Gravitational Lens at cellar temperature (12 degrees Celsius), paired with hearty cuts of beef, stews, or as a delightful dessert accompanied with dark chocolate.

Limited to just 730 bottles with a waxed sealed cap, Gravitational Lens is an ideal beer to set aside for a special occasion or to gift to a discerning beer enthusiast.