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Gravitational Lens

Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout | 9.5%

355 mL CAN


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Gravitational Lens is our first foray into barrel aging our beers and what a first barrel aged beer to make!  The theory of a gravitational lens was first introduced by Albert Einstein in 1915.  It was theorized that light emitted by distant galaxies passes by massive objects in our universe, and the gravitational pull from these objects can distort or bend the light. Simply put, light can bend, if the distance is measured in galaxies!

This Imperial Stout is strong and flavourful, aged in bourbon barrels for 6 months. Packed full of chocolate and coffee flavour, the bourbon aroma is easy to detect! The barrel aging brings out flavours of oak and vanilla.  This complex combination of flavours and aromas all come together for a decadent treat to be sipped and savoured.  Drink this beer at cellar temperature (12C) and enjoy with rich cuts of beef and stews or with dark chocolate as a dessert.
Limited to only 750 cans, this one is sure to be a beer to be talked about at the Christmas dinner table!